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The future of payments is virtual: The cultural shift away from physical credit cards is also tied to technologies that eliminate the need to even carry plastic (traditional debit cards): Apple’s ApplePay makes a fingerprint into a payment method, as do “express pay” options for point-of-sale transactions. Altogether, these technologies enable a vision of a future with far less fraud and more time spent on the important revenue-generating activities that drive business forward. The power dynamics in the payments industry are changing as businesses and consumers shift dollars from cash and checks to digital payment methods. Cards dominate the in-store retail channel, but mobile wallets like Apple Pay are seeing a rapid uptick in usage and paving the way for the future of payments.
Virtual terminal payment process: A virtual terminal is a software application for merchants which allows them to accept payment with a payment card (account), without requiring the physical presence of the card. They are known as “virtual” terminals in contrast to the physical payment terminals used to process payments.
UML diagram showing virtual payment functionality:
Abstract: Virtual payment terminals offer a flexible, secure, reliable, and cost-effective way to accept credit cards. Since the payment is virtual, it's highly secure and protects the business issuing it; These solutions allow users to make quick and easy payments through their phones without the hassle of passing around a company card. You’ll also never have to search for your misplaced debit cards. The mobile element of virtual cards makes online shopping easier and more convenient than ever for businesses while protecting their information.
The terminal exists virtually; it lives online, not on your countertop. To access it, simply pull up a web browser, type in the web address of the terminal and you’re in.

BeyondPay- Dynamic crypto payment system and applications

BeyondPay aims to become the next web3 point of sale cryptocurrency with BPAY token merchants integration and users SCSV. BeyondPay, Virtual payment system will enable users, merchants make retail payments globally, utilizing dynamic payment cards to conduct cryptocurrency and fiat linked transactions.
BeyondPay fills the void as a blockchain open payment and settlement system designed to meet the needs of users for fast, secured, flexible peer to peer or institutional transactions. Virtual dynamic payment cards will allow easy decentralized access to crypto payments even in centralized business operations, allowing merchants, users to settle retail through defi payments, transactions using supported cryptocurrencies.

Virtual payment BeyondCards

Users are granted virtual debit cards to manage contactless retail and web3 payment management, using supported cryptos.
  • Unique users identifications and web3 connectivity
  • Totally decentralised with no manipulation risk
  • No taxes or hidden charges
  • Blockchain leveraged ensuring a trustless policy
  • Earn up to 50% APY from staking assets
  • User customised interface

BeyondPay mobile application

Trade directly, stake and borrow assets from a unique blockchain leveraged mobile application. More details coming.

BeyondPay SCSV

BeyondPay SCSV- Save Crypto, Spend Value will integrate a borrow-lending function with 0% interest and risk. This will grant users options to borrow stablecoins pegged to their asset worth and able to perform transactions while their crypto asset is stored as collateral.
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